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Hello and welcome to my first giveaway ! It’s been a while since I wanted to do one, but since Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo/Absolute Despair Girl has just been released, I figured this could be the occasion to celebrate by doing a giveaway !

What you will get :

1. Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo : Dangan Ronpa Another Episode for PS Vita
2. Dangan Ronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc for PS Vita
3. Dangan Ronpa : The Animation artbook
4. Dangan Ronpa x Listen Flavor illustrations postcards
5. Monokuma Smartphone Stand x2 

The rules !

- You must be following me !
- 1 reblog = 1 entry, and you can reblog as much as you want !
- Likes do not count !
- Deadline : Sunday, October 19th, at noon GMT+1 (France) (click here to convert the deadline to your timezone)
- Open worldwide ! Of course, you won’t need to worry about shipping fees, I’m taking care of it.
- The winner will be picked using a randomizer.
- Your ask box must be open.
- You must be comfortable telling me your address.
- If the winner doesn’t reply 48 hours after being prompted, I will select another winner through the randomizer again, so please don’t forget to check your inbox !
- Feel free to ask me any questions !

Additional notes about the items !

The games
- Trigger Happy Havoc and Another Episode are respectively from Europe and Japan, but don’t worry, since the PS Vita is region-free, both games will work on any Vita from any region.
- THH is in English, but Another Episode is in Japanese only !
- Another Episode is brand new and still sealed !
- More pictures : Inside THH -  DRAE back cover

The artbook 
- It has 112 pages, and features profiles for all the students, storyboards, environment art, promotional art, 16 postcards (one for each student + Monobear/Monokuma), a poster, and more !
- It’s fully in Japanese.
- The poster is slightly torn at the bottom, sorry about this ! 
- More pictures : Back cover - Inside 1 - Inside 2 - Inside 3 - Inside 4Poster

The illustrations postcards
- Souda’s and Usami’s postcards are sealed.

The smartphone stand
- It’s one of the items in Another Episode’s limited edition, or available for preorder only.

Good luck !

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